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Почему программисты меняют работу?

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I’ve been developing for over 18 years and I am on my 8th job:

job[0] Me: Boss, I hear nothing but praise from you, I’ve been here over 5 years, I just got my masters, how about giving me a Tech Lead title and a salary that reflects my contributions to this company

Boss: Times are tough now. Let’s revisit it next year

Recruiter: May I interest you in a Tech Lead position that pays 15 grand more?

job[1] Me: Boss, you keep telling me that I am your top guy and consistently perform at the Architect level. I’ve been here over 2 years and just got my MBA, how about giving me a promotion and a salary that reflects my contributions to this company

Boss: You should not be motivated by money

Recruiter: May I interest you in an Architect position that pays 20 grand more?

job[2] Boss: You’ve done an amazing job implementing this amazing new technology for us, but we have a massive legacy system change that takes priority over this new stuff. You need to learn this old 4GL language that nobody outside of this company cares about and supervise a team of legacy developers for the next year.

Recruiter: Have you considered consulting? You won’t get benefits, but you can make 60 grand more.

job[3] Toxic disfunctional environment. Revolving door. Managers scream at each other and at developers. Most people don’t last more than few months.

job[4] Boss: You’ve been a consultant here for over 6 years and you’ve done an amazing job. However, our company wants to take a new direction and we are not sure which way to go. We can’t afford to keep you here while there is no development going on. We will have to discontinue your contract next month

Me: It’s been great. You are a great boss and a friend.

job[5] Me: Boss, I’ve been here a year, this place is good, but everyone is losing faith in our main initiative. CTO left, your boss left, my commute is long and I have an opportunity 15 minutes from my house that pays more. Consider this my 3 week notice.

job[6] Boss: We would like to try something new. Business analysts and scrum masters all have two teams, but tech leads are only in charge of one team. We want you to demonstrate that a tech lead can lead two teams simultaneously and still spend 50% of your time developing. Your first team has 8 developers (2 are here 6 are offshore). Your second team has 7 developers (1 here, 6 offshore). There is a 2 hour timezone overlap so there is plenty of time for you to touch base with them in the morning. Good luck.

Me: Boss, I’ve been here over a year and I am really not suitable for this type of work. I am a craftsman and a technologist. I want to build software not oversee some developers on the other side of the globe while they patch a 20 year old legacy system. Consider this my 3 week notice

job[7]: So far I like it a lot, but this place has a 2 year limit on contractor engagements. If they find a way to make an exception, I’ll stay as long as the work is interesting, if not, I’ll have to leave. They offered me full time employment, but I am not taking a 50 thousand dollar pay cut no matter how much I like the place

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