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Каковы основные препятствия на пути развития дешевых квантовых компьютеров?

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You have many options, here are the most relevant in my opinion:

1) Work with freelancer platforms to help you pick the right CFO for your startup on demand. I suggest Toptal, they have the top 3% CFOs and have already vetted the remaining 97% for you, and help you source a CFO in less than 48h. Toptal provides a risk-free trial period and you don’t have to give up equity.

2) Source from your network or your investors’. Here the difficulty is to find the right match for you, your company and industry, and also you would potentially have to give up equity

3) Source from headhunters. It’s probably expensive and time-consuming, but you will end up finding someone. You would likely give up equity.

4) Source from LinkedIn, Indeed and other job search platforms.

Hope that helps!!

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