Квантовая механика

Как квантовые компьютеры могут преодолеть шум, существующий в квантовом мире?

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Дэвид Вандершел кандидат физико-математических наук, Райс (1970)   
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Nope… but I’m hoping he current trend of those downplaying the skills needed to excel in the real world continues.

Right now, like today, there are over 500K open IT positions in the US. Over 40K are related to machine learning and most aren’t going to filled anytime soon.

So, with that kind of demand and lack of qualified applicants I’m not sure how anything is overhyped.

Here’s some more reality therapy for the overhyped crowd. Mike West"s answer to Is the computer science field headed towards a downturn or crash?

Remember a few years ago when Big Dat was overhyped. Guess what? According to Google the number one job on earth is the data engineer. So, Big Data nor machine learning isn’t overhyped.

I can tell you what is overhyped… the data science role in the applied space.

Machine learning engineers are highly technical people, not overly educated pontificators that sit around tweaking models all day.

I’ll be glad when the data science role finally dies. Tick.. tock… what it fall:

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