Искусственный интеллект

Каким свойством обладает «сознательный» интеллект, который однажды не будет возможен с ИИ?

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The nature of these markets is cyclical.

More than half a decade ago, Bitcoin itself had to endure heavy competition from cryptocurrencies that promised faster transactions. Nowadays, a lot of recent and upcoming projects are out to displace Ethereum as the go-to smart contract platform. These include EOS, NEO, Tron, Tezos, Polkadot among many others. Even “legacy” privacy coins like Monero and Zcash are facing the birth of new competitors like Grin and MimbleWimble’s emerging technology.

Predicting which projects will reign in an year from now seems like a full time job, even if Bitcoin and Ethereum effectively retain their current dominance and network effect.

That’s why Lykke recently launched the LyCI Service token, which allows anyone to purchase the top 25 cryptocurrencies tracked by the LyCI Index in one click.

Exposure to index products and similar instruments could be a good way to diversify and simplify the process of managing a crypto-portfolio.

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