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Почему вы не верите в технологию блокчейна?

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there are 3 types of crypto-wallets, listed in order of mots used to least used -

  • crypto-exchange wallet - a person need to register on the specific exchange; no need to download and install software, web access; funds are kept in the exchange; supports all crypto-currencies listed on the exchange; no-anonymity, as the user has to provide passport/id card/drivers license to register;
  • commercial crypto-wallet - need to register with the crypto-wallet provider, then download and install software; usually crypto funds are kept locally on the user’s computer; there are variations in this way of keeping funds; support of multiple currencies depend on the provider; user may need to reveal some info - phone number, e-mail or more to register;
  • private wallet - user need to download and run a ‘daemon’ program for every crypto-currency they want to have; the program/s need to run non stop 24/7 and keep synchronizing with the specific blockchain; successful blockchains like bitcoin/ethereum require hundereds of megabytes of daily download, and and tens of gigabytes in storage in ‘pruned/fast’ mode; non ‘pruned’ mode needs around 300gb/btx , 1tb+/eth; while least used this way of a crypto-wallet has the highest privacy//anonymity;

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