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Какими будут 10 лучших криптовалют в 2019 году?

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The components on a graphics card (VRM, cooler, even the GPU and memory to some extent) ultimately have limited lifespans. How long of a life depends on the conditions in which they"re kept, but run a graphics card long enough and it WILL fail.

Mining cards are typically run 24/7 for extended periods of time, often not in the best conditions. Consumer cards aren"t designed for that.

When you buy a GPU that"s previously been used for mining, you run the very real risk of getting a card that"s on its last legs. While you might get a card that has spent minimal time on the burner and can potentially run for years to come, you might also get a card that has spent the last year sandwiched between other cards and hitting up against thermal limits.

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«Всё о блокчейне и криптовалютах»
Один из самых трендовых курсов в сфере Цифровой экономики.