Является ли «научиться кодировать» новое «пусть едят торт»?

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When it becomes AGI, then perhaps it will: instead of going to the internet for answers to questions, for example, you’ll have an AGI with you which knows most of the things you’re interested in, so a lot of sites on the net will lose their purpose. Wikipedia, for example, won’t be looked at by humans very much after that time, but it will adapt to become a database that AGI reads before AGI constructs a reply tailored to the individual who wants to know something, not giving them any of the content they already know, and not pitching it beyond their abilities either. That will lead to a much better user experience. The same will apply to all educational sites: there will be very few direct users as AGI will craft better pages for individuals to look at. However, all the stuff involving videos of cats or ***** will carry on as normal, ensuring that the internet remains big. AGI will be doing different things, like running governments (instead of thick politicians trying to do the job), solving climate change, eliminating conflict, and stamping out the primary sources of hate which generate all the worst problems, so that will make it more important than the internet.

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